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Sustainable energy solutions for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Just like you, the sun works all day, shining in all its power. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the power of the sun to light up your residential and commercial spaces, all year through?

India is a country that enjoys abundant sunshine all year through but it is this very sunshine that makes us consume more electricity. We all use fans, coolers, air-conditioners and refrigerators 24 hours, almost all year through, thus running up high electricity bills. Add to that the woes of unplanned power cuts and you are forced to depend on high cost, unreliable grid electricity.

Instead, switch to a Solar Rooftop System to harness the power of the sun and enjoy the benefits of clean, uninterrupted electricity at significantly lower costs.

Our Process


Get solar power with Resol Energies in 4 easy steps.


The sun creates the power


Resol provides the technology


You have the roof


Save 20-50% on power every month

Here’s how your rooftop can produce electricity to run your home

Most states in India have a comprehensive rooftop solar policy and you can use the power produced from your own rooftop solar system for self-use. Use your roof space or any unused land within your premises to install solar panels and begin producing electricity. Surcharge energy produced can be fed back into the grid or, if you wish, store it in batteries for future use.

If you choose to feed the solar power produced during the day back into the grid, your existing electricity meter will run in reverse, called ‘net metering’. Depending on your consumption and rooftop space, you can free your office of utility power and enjoy free solar energy for life.

Solar Energy Simplified

With turnkey solutions – right from installation to lifetime maintenance, we always emphasize on your journey towards sustainability, to be a smoother one. Our prompt regulatory and financial closure and commissioning processes are set in place to minimize any hassles along the way. All you need to do is provide your idle roof or unused land at your site, and we will do the rest.


Multiple purchase model

Pay as you go – No upfront costs.


It matters who you work with.

Our customers love us. You will too.


From the sun to your home: Learn how solar energy offsets CO2 emissions and saves you money.

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