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Ease Of Getting Solar

We provide all the details about the solar technology,
financing options and Govt. policies that work best for you,
so you can make an informed decision.

We take care of all the details and works during
the installation & commissioning process, so you
can just sit back and relax.

Your solar power plant comes with fiscal benefitsupto 30% through capital subsidies and incometax benefits. We shall help you in getting these
benefits timely .

Our easy-to-use app provides real-time insights
into your energy system and manufacturer
guarantee ensures it will perform as promised for 25 years*.


With Resol you can bet upon world class project installation & commissioning.

Resol’s experienced and professional team makes installation process so easy and automated that assures quality & performance.

With You….Always

  • Advanced customer care centre
  • Online monitoring
  • Mobile App
  • Web Interactive Portal
  • Plant Survelliance
  • Error Notification & Automation via App
    and email based