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We exist to save your money


Resol is one of the fastest growing

solar companies in the nation.

We provide solar solutions for the residentials & commercials. During past 2 years, Resol has undergone 

more than 100 rooftop solar installation on residential & commercial buildings.

We began with one goal in mind-to provide electricity to consumers across India with a simple

and affordable way to get the best solar technology. We provide our clients with easy

options to get solar, all while saving on their utilities.


You provide the Roof.

We provide the Rest.

A professional Resol Representative will visit your home to outline the benefits and savings you can expect by going solar.

A survey team will visit your home to design a customized solar panel system.

The installation team will finish the process by installing the most advanced solar panel technology at your home.

Watch your efficiency increase while your utility bill decreases. Enjoy your savings each month!


Resol is created to offer the best possible Products & Services with Innovation, Selection, Quality, Longevity & Value easily.


Everyone needs a guiding vision that helps in directing their future.A business is no different. At Resol our vision is quite simple – we work each and every day to Help People Live Better Lives, so how can we make a positive difference to you and others around the Globe?
By helping people everywhere to discover their potential and achieve their goals by offering better planning and products for the future while maintaining sustainability with climate change.


‘Journey Of TRUE Freedom’ Nelson Mandela, who was greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi once said that in absence of prosperity, there is no true freedom. The freedoms of expression, association, religion etc. are meaningless, where we have to compromise on our responsibilities and our dreams. It is not freedom if we are unable to do things that we wish for our families and friends.


Affordable Prices • Best In Class Installation • Long Term Service Reliability • Cut Your Power Cost.

Resol was established with one goal in mind–to provide commercial clients across India with a simple and affordable  way to get the best solar technology. We provide clients with easy options to get solar all while saving on their utilities.