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We provide solar solutions for the residentials & commercials.

 During past 2 years, Resol has undergone more than 100 rooftop solar

 installation on residential & commercial buildings.

CEO Message

Mr Parv Arora

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in some very successful companies over the years. But, I realized that opportunity to be involved in the solar industry was something special. Once I recognized that we could provide unique value, and create a big impact for customers, Resol was born.

There is a lot to love about solar energy, but I think my favorite part of solar is the value we provide to our customers. It’s very rare for a customer to come out the biggest winner in any business model, but that is exactly how it is for our customers. You can make a very strong argument that of the three parties involved in our arrangement (the solar company, the Goverment Company, and the customer), the customer is the one that benefits the most, and that’s what makes Resol such a powerful company.

There are a few things that separate Resol from the rest of

the competition when it comes to the customer value proposition:

Going solar with Resol will be your best decision this year. There is no money down to get set up.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality, most efficient installation to our customers. We care about giving you a world-class experience.

“Everyone I worked with was professional and kept me informed all the way through the entire process.”

“I’m at ease with my decision to go solar with Resol, knowing that they gave me a more than fair price. I can relax without worrying that my electric bill will shoot sky high.”

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